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Australia’s housing bubble pop.

It looks like there are jitters beginning to be felt through Australia’s house bubble. How do we know? Because when “housing bubble fears grow” it already burst. It is too late now. Whoever sells first wins.

G7’s Sheeple Distraction in IQALUIT, Canada, while Central Bankers Meet Secretly in Australia.

We don’t know what the Central Bankers will be discussing during their secret two day meeting in Australia, but what we know is that you don’t hold a well publicized G7 economic ministers meeting at the same time for no reason. If the CBs need a distraction that means that something is very grave and serious is going on. Whether we are on the verge of a new panic and financial crisis or something else, but it cant be good. Perhaps the sovereign debt issues in Europe are on the verge of causing a big monetary implosion and stock markets collapse.

Australia is on a path toward deflation. RBA may cut rates more.

When you have a decelerating CPI you can bet that it is not due to inflationary conditions in your economy. And when there is talk about your central bank possibly cutting rates you are not worried about igniting monetary inflation that will shock up your CPI. You are talking about fighting deflation here. And that is the case of the Australian economy today.