Monthly Archives: October 2009

Citigroup is deflating.

In a sign of deflation Citigroup is closing without warning random consumer credit card lines. It has suffered consumer credit losses to the tune of $ 8 Billion in the third quarter of 2009 alone, that is deflation by any definition. And acting responsibly, trying to stay afloat, Citibank is cutting its losses or potential losses. This is what deflation looks like. Creditors are unwilling to lend while customers are unwilling to borrow and no infusions of liquidity by the privately owned Federal Reserve Corporation will change this.

Deflation is firmly taking root in USA. FED is still in denial.

Even though the signs of deflation are everywhere as expressed in contracting credit, money supply, and prices, the privately owned Federal Reserve’s executives continue to beat about the deflationary bush by referring to it as “disinflation” and talking about it in future tense. It has been happenning already for the past year and a half and it will continue as evidenced by record low long term Treasury yields this week. The below article provides a detailed discussion and solid evidence of deflation and how it works.