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Currency composition of FX reserves of world’s central banks.

Here you can find a useful graph of the currency composition of FX reserves for the 114 reporting countries’ central banks.

Swiss consumer prices post sharpest fall in 50 years.

As we can now clearly see devaluing one’s currency, as it was done a few months ago by the Swiss National Bank, did nothing to stop CPI from falling. And the sooner the prices fall the sooner will this prolonged slump end. This is economics 101, but the Central Bankers don’t want to admit it and keep tinkering with interest rates and quantitative easing policies.

Swiss supply prices drop highlights deflation risk.

Swiss supply prices posted their steepest decline in 23 years in June, highlighting once again the risk of a deflationary spiral of falling prices and declining demand in the Alpine economy.
The steep price drop will also keep the Swiss National Bank on its toes in its fight against deflation, which include interventions to stem a rise in the Swiss franc, economists said.

Europe digs its economic grave while the ECB answers to no one.

You cannot have an economic growth without natural population growth. We can’t seriously believe that by importing millions upon millions of culturally and economically incongruous third world laborers and their families European economy can somehow continue to grow. Those folks are not big spenders, and more often then not, they subtract from an economy more than they add due to their overwhelming propensity to depend on public assistance.

Switzerland’s central bank SNB is fighting to prevent deflation. Debases the Swiss Franc.

Switzerland’s currency policy ties in with a monetary policy that aims to prevent deflation from becoming worse. The SNB has almost trebled the monetary base in the past year. But the money isn’t being put to use.