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Bank of Japan Said to See Deflation Stretching Through 2011.

Japan is decades ahead of US and the rest of the world in fighting deflation by all means necessary. US is now following the same exact failed policies of reflation and Quantitavie Easing as has the Bank of Japan for the last 15 years.


Japan CPI Falls At Record Pace.

Deflation is not only here it is accelerating and bringing with it the much missed affordability. The big hope now is tha the benign force of deflation will be spreading to food and medical services CPI components to make lives of ordinary people even more affordable.

Japan has had a two decades experience with real prices stability, also known as deflation. See when the privately owned US Federal Reserve inflates money supply they erode both wages and savings – that is no price stability. That is criminality. But eventually the laws of physics take over and the privately owned FED is powerless to stop it.