U.S. is in deflation as a nation. Shooting at the Pentagon. Revolt is brewing.

Now that the social contract has been torn up and stamped upon by the rich and the powerful elites of the USA, now that the trillions have been stolen from the millions in broad day light with smiles on their faces, now that tens of millions of jobs have been shipped off shore and tens of millions of immigrants have been allowed to pour into America (even now in this difficult economic time) and take jobs that many US Citizens so desperately need, now that the mere dissent and opposition to the government policies is suppressed and government statistics are shamelessly falsified, the USA as a nation is deflating not only economically, but also socially and politically.

We the People are damn f###ing tired of this disgraceful spectacle that the political establishment and their global puppet masters are force feeding us.

May be that is why People of the USA are losing their patience (finally) and beginning to fly planes into privately owned tax collection agencies such as IRS and go on shooting sprees near buildings of other anti-American organizations. And oh by the way, the Epic Beard Man is so popular, because he represents revolt and resistance to the government forced policies of tolerating crime and violence for the sake of diversity and multiculturalism.

Consider the shooting at the Pentagon.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Two Pentagon security officers were wounded on Thursday evening when a gunman shot at them in the giant office building’s main entrance to the Metro commuter rail system, Pentagon officials said.


The gunman was also shot and all three were taken to hospital, the officials said, adding that none of the wounds was life-threatening.

All entrances to the five-sided headquarters of the Defense Department in Virginia, just across the Potomac River from Washington, were closed shortly after the incident.

“Metro is locked down until further notice,” Pentagon police said in a message over the building’s intercom.

Officials said an investigation was just starting and it was unclear why the alleged gunman opened fire at the Pentagon security officers.

Some witnesses reported hearing gunshots being fired in the Metro station and people screaming.

This is not the kind of things you see in a country where the Government has the consent of the governed.

This is the kind of things that take place in a nation where revolt is brewing. As the Second Great Depression intensifies and more collapses and defaults come, the nation will likely see American citizens start to riot. First against their local authorities, then state, then Federal. The government power structure will try to contain the revolt, will try to resort to intimidation and violence, but the course of history cannot be changed once embarked upon. And the house of cards which is today’s modern world economy is crumbling and stopped dead in its tracks as the levels of indebtedness have reached epic proportions and are collapsing on themselves.

Be strong, be resolute, do not be afraid. The truth is on our side. We shall prevail. 99% of us will not live under the yoke of 1% financial terrorist elites.


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