Empty nonsense talk from European policy makers.

It does not cease to amaze me how much meaningless nonsense can so called leaders of the European union spew all day long. Apparently this is the speak to which the residents of the continent are used to and pay no attention.

Consider this interview excerpts with Eurogroup Chairman Jean-Claude Juncker:

Reuters. February 13, 2010.

EU’s Juncker warns against eurozone drift apart: report

The Greek government had to understand it was its job to bring its budget into order but if Athens did everything it could, Europeans would stand by in an act of solidarity.

He declined to say, however, exactly how the EU could help Greece.

“I cannot today name an exact instrument… We have many instruments ready and will use them if necessary,”

So all week of February 8th, 2010 these European leaders kept telling us that they came to an agreement and have worked out a deal for Greece bailout, and now that the markets are closed these asses can’t even tell how they are going to bail Greece out.


“The basis of the Maastricht Treaty is that a state bankruptcy does not come into question. If we had thought a euro zone member could go bankrupt, we would have devised instruments to deal with that. This is not envisaged,”

Is there any provision in the Treaty that the Sun does not set? What are they going to do when the night comes?

“An exit would be the end for Greece. And it would be absolutely negative for the image of the euro zone.”

Ahh more nonsens. Greece existed for thousands of years before there was an EU and it was fine. What will end Greece is membership in this globalist union. The sooner it all falls apart and all the countries around the world regain their sovereignty from these supranational bodies controlled by the banking mafia, the better it will be for their peoples.

Then this nonsense:

“EU states must start cutting their debt in 2011. If they refuse, the Stability Pact must be changed so EU authorities can better crack down,”

Why not start cutting now, why even get into debt in the first place, why in 2011 and not in 2021? Is he pulling this numbers out of his own ass? And who gave these EU authorities the right to crack down on free people living in their ancestral lands since time immemorial. Who are these EU authorities? I want names.

Some more nonsense:

“The stability of the euro must be guaranteed,”

Must be guaranteed? By who and for what reason? The Euro is what it is based on the underlying economics and investor sentiment that determines free market FX rate. Who will guarantee those guarantors?

It is time to end globalism, time to end European Union, time to abandon Euro currency and shut down the Brussels parasitic state once and for all. European people don’t need their stinking opinions on how to run their lives. The sooner this modern economic and political systems comes apart and down, the sooner we’ll all breathe easily. It applies to all countries around the world.

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